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Mountview Road School
Kindness Award

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MJS Sportsmanship Award

First presented in June 2016, the Kaitlyn Rose Okolita Sportsmanship Award is in honor of Kaitlyn who was a student at Memorial Junior School in Whippany NJ.  

Awarded to students who participate in school sports with a positive sportsmanship attitude, while demonstrating kindness to others and serving as a positive role model.

A plaque hangs in the school commons to display the names of the sportsmanship award recipients and reads as follows:

"Awarded to a student who embodies the qualities of Kaitlyn by all who knew her

for her kindness to others in school and in the community, participation in school sports 

with a positive sportsmanship attitude and a positive role model to all."

Awards: Who We Are

Whippany Park High School Scholarship

This scholarship is given in memory of Kaitlyn Rose Okolita to

deserving students whose have found passion in helping others

and are dedicated to playing the sports they love. They also have educational goals and career interests in serving others, reflective

of Kaitlyn’s personality, which was to help and put others first.

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