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Gliomatosis Cerebri

Gliomatosis Cerebri is a rare brain cancer that is highly aggressive and very resistant to treatment.  These malignancies are not lumps like other tumors, but cancerous threads that spread very quickly and infiltrate deep into the surrounding brain tissue, or into multiple parts of the brain simultaneously, making them very difficult to remove with surgery or treat with radiation and chemotherapy. 

GC is a inoperable brain tumor that strikes primarily children, teens, and

young adults, with fewer than 100 cases diagnosed in the United States

each year.   There is very little known about this type of brain tumor, or

what causes it, but what we do know is that from what research has

shown so far, there's no effective cure.  Chemo and radiation work about

5% of the time and surgery is off the table, unless it's for symptom management.  Transformation into Glioblastoma (GBM) may occur.

Since it occurs in relatively small numbers it doesn’t get research

funding from major foundations. 

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